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Canada’s Network for Older Canadians Living with Frailty

Canadian Frailty Network (CFN) is Canada’s sole network devoted to improving care for older Canadians living with frailty and supporting their families and caregivers.

We do this by increasing frailty recognition and assessment, by increasing evidence for decision-making, by advancing evidence-based changes to care, by training the next generation of care professionals and scientists, by catalyzing change in Canada’s health and social care systems, and always by engaging with older adults and their families and caregivers.


Initial funding by CFN can lead to larger follow-on application-based research and KT studies

CFN has played an important part in contributing to frailty research evidence by directly funding both innovative, fundamental proof-of-concept discovery work and larger application-based research studies. Initial funding from CFN has led to many of our Network researchers securing larger follow-on application-based research funding from various federal and provincial funding agencies as well as from...

Proactively and consistently measuring frailty can help support individuals living with frailty to remain as independent as possible

More than one million Canadians are living with frailty, but a lack of consistent measurement of the condition is potentially exposing patients to inappropriate care. Canadian Frailty Network recently commissioned a report from the National Institute on Ageing (NIA) exploring this issue. The NIA/CFN report We Can’t Address What We Don’t Measure Consistently: Building Consensus...

HOLD THE DATE … Canadian Frailty Network 2019 National Conference

Frailty matters. 1.2 million Canadians 65-plus live with frailty as do 2.5 million Canadians who are their caregivers and hundreds of thousands more in our healthcare workforce. CFN is Canada’s only national network dedicated to older Canadians living with frailty and all responsible for their well-being. Our national conference is a unique opportunity to examine...

Medication optimization matters with older adults living with frailty

Older adults living with frailty and multiple chronic conditions are often prescribed many medicines, which by design address these conditions individually, but cumulatively may have a negative impact on health outcomes. This page is still being migrated. Please check back tomorrow.

Volunteers can help improve quality of life for older adults living with frailty

N-CARE stands for navigating, connecting, accessing, resourcing and engaging, and was designed to help them navigate community services and resources with the help of trained volunteers.  The program is scaling up following a very successful pilot study funded by CFN. This page is still being migrated. Please check back tomorrow.

Frailty matters because every Canadian is touched by frailty in some way.

Citizen engagement helps shape our priorities, as demonstrated by the our most recent Catalyst Research Grants awarded.  Learn how and meet our newest researchers. This page is still being migrated. Please check back tomorrow.