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 Heyland Daren

Daren Heyland, MD, MSc, BSc

Queen's University

Principal Investigator:

2013 Core Research Program Grant -- iGAP‐ Improving General Practice Advance Care Planning (CORE 2013-13)

2013 Core Research Program Grant -- Improving DECIsion‐making about goals of care for hospitalized, elDerly patiEnts: a “multi‐incubator unit” study (iDECIDE) (CORE 2013-30)

Daren Heyland is a Professor of Medicine at Queenʹs University, with a cross-appointment in the Department of Community Health and Epidemiology.  He is also an Intensive Care Unit Staff Physician Director of the Clinical Evaluation Research Unit at Kingston General Hospital (KGH). Dr. Heyland completed his undergraduate and medical degrees at the University of Alberta, and his MSc at McMaster University. His research interests include:  Nutritional therapy and gastrointestinal structure and function in the context of critical illness; pneumonia, sepsis, and other infections in the critically ill patient; economic evaluations, quality of life assessments and evidence‐based medicine; and end-of-life care, aging, patient preferences, and clinical decision‐making.