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Our mission: improve care for older Canadians living with frailty.

Maybee Alies Alies Maybee

Member: Citizen Engagement Committee

Alies Maybee has a background in software design and product management augmented by a decade of experience with Sideren in the development of brand and brand experience for a wide variety of institutional and commercial enterprises. Alies has also been instrumental in helping software companies grow. She has developed new departments and new processes, reformed and retooled existing teams and provided training and guidance to those teams. She has experience in small start-ups, medium sized contenders and large global leaders. Her work in the technology sector has included senior-level product development for leading customer and employee relationship management (CRM and ERM) vendors such as Janna Systems, Siebel Systems, and Workbrain. Her work with Sideren has focused on brand implementation through websites and internal processes and systems. Two pivotal experiences ignited her interest in the healthcare system: the death of her father from leukemia when she was a child and a near fatal car accident as a young woman. This interest motivated her to work with Clineo, helping to design an innovative clinical management system for healthcare providers. It has also led to her pursuing courses at Ryerson University to expand her understanding of the healthcare system and its issues. Her subsequent encounters with the healthcare system have contributed to her strongly held belief that the patient voice needs to be heard and patients need to contribute to and drive the changes in healthcare. And this has led to her becoming involved with the Patients’ Association of Canada (PAC), an organization that shares this belief.