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Ouellette Kuntz Helene PHOTO 

Hélène Ouellette-Kuntz, PhD 

Queen's University

Principal Investigator:

2015 Knowledge Synthesis Grant -- A frailty measure for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities using aging care (FRA 2015-A-03)

Dr. Ouellette-Kuntz is a Professor in the Department of Public Health Sciences at Queen's University. She is also appointed to a community-based agency for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Southeastern Ontario (Ongwanada) where she works as an epidemiologist. She obtained her BSc in Nursing from St. Francis Xavier University, MSc in Epidemiology from Queen’s University, and PhD in Human Geography also from Queen’s University. Dr. Ouellette-Kuntz’s research involves working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, family members, service providers, and policy makers, and has included analyses of administrative datasets in British Columbia, Manitoba, and Ontario.