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Technology and health care for the elderly medical research studies

Our mission: improve care for frail elderly Canadians.

Strategic vision and leadership for CFN

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the governance of the Network, and is an active, working body which provides strategic vision and leadership to the Network.

Directors of the Board reflect the interests and concerns of the public, private and academic sectors involved in the Network and have a varied skill set to meet the leadership needs of the Board.

Board members may also sit on three advisory committees to the Board:

  • The Executive Committee advises the Board on management issues, and is responsible for generally overseeing the corporation and providing direction to staff between Board meetings. Members are indicated below by ¹. 
  • The Audit and Finance Committee advises the Board on audit and financial management issues, and is responsible for the sound fiscal management of the corporation's finances and financial reporting to the Board. Members are indicated below by ².
  • The Nominating Committee advises the Board on recruitment needs and process for Board nominations, and recommends candidates to serve as Board members. Members are indicated below by ³.

Board of Directors 2016-2017

                    Russell Williams                   Brian Gray               
                           (Chair) ¹                        (Vice-Chair) ¹

                     Williams Russell 2016 06 09                  Gray Brian              

Richard Birtwhistle            Jeff Blackmer                   Dan Ciuriak ²

  Birtwhistle Richard                 Blackmer Jeff                 Ciuriak Dan

    David Crane ²                  John Fisher                       Jean Gray

  Crane David                Fisher John                 Gray Jean 

   Fred Horne ³               John Muscedere ¹²³         Tom Noseworthy ¹

  Horne Fred 2016                Muscedere John                 Noseworthy Tom 

       Joyce                              Duncan                            Sharon
      Resin ³                             Sinclair                             Straus

  Resin Joyce                  Sinclair Duncan                 Straus Sharon

                                           Chris Kelly                     Carol Barrie
      Deborah                 NCE Representative         Executive Director
   Thorlakson ²³                  (non-voting)                     (non-voting) 

  Thorlakson Deborah             Kelly Chris NCE               Barrie Carol