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Technology and health care for the elderly medical research studies

Our mission: improve care for frail elderly Canadians.

Research Management Committee

To guide, manage and monitor its research and other programs, the CFN Board of Directors relies on its advisory Research Management Committee (RMC). This Committee is chaired by the Scientific Director (Dr. John Muscedere), who reports to the Board on its behalf. Membership reflects the multisectoral and multidisciplinary nature of CFN’s research program, and includes the four research theme leads, as well as the Chairs of the CFN Scientific Review, Knowledge Translation, and Education and Training Committees.

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                                         John Muscedere

                                           Muscedere John                                 

 Josef Amann                     Allan Garland                   Gloria Gutman

Amann Josef                      Garland                      Gutman PHOTO

  Richard Hall                        Paul Hébert                   George Heckman

Hall Richard                   Paul Hebert Photo                   Heckman George

       Jayna                                 Marilyn                                Ruth
Holroyd-Leduc                      Macdonald                    Martin-Misener

Holroyd Leduc Jayna                    Macdonald, Marilyn THUMBNAIL                  Martin Misener Ruth

 Daryl Pullman                 Duncan Robertson               Samir Sinha

Pullman Daryl Saved From Internet                     Robertson Duncan                 Sinha Samir

Denise Stockley                  Josie Visentini                     John You       

Stockley Denise                    Visentini Josie                  You John

                                               Carol Barrie

                                             Barrie Carol