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Technology and health care for the elderly medical research studies

Facilitate evidence informed health care policy and practice.

Health Care Professionals

Our mission is to improve the care of seriously ill, elderly patients and their families through the development, rigorous evaluation, and ethical implementation of health care technologies, including drugs, devices, knowledge products, improvement strategies and tools, ultimately leading to better outcomes for patients and their families, health care professionals and the health care system as a whole.
Key to our success is our collaborative approach. Canadian Frailty Network has four main audiences: patients and their families and caregivers, the public, health care system decision makers and influencers, and health care providers and practitioners like you.
We consult individual practitioners and organizations representing health care professionals in our strategic planning -- identifying gaps, developing a research agenda and communicating research results and best practices to those that can use this evidence in the care of the seriously ill elderly and their families, and in influencing the healthcare policies that impact them.
As evidence-based information and tools are developed for your use, you will find them on this page. Please also check our News and Events page for announcements, blog postings, our newsletter and upcoming events.