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FRA 2015-B-06

Identifying older patients at high risk of poor outcomes after joint replacement surgery

This project will recruit over 600 patients aged 65 and older going for surgery at two hospitals in Ottawa, Ontario. Frailty assessments (using two different tools) will be conducted with each patient before surgery. Regular follow-ups will be conducted over the first year after surgery to see how patients are doing.

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About the Project

Frailty is a condition that describes the build-up of weakness across multiple body systems, and is common in elderly people. Being frail before surgery increases the risk of a bad outcome, and older patients have surgery more often than any other age group. But the problem is, clinicians don’t know what the best tool to diagnose frailty before surgery is.

To improve how elderly people recover after surgery, clinicians need to be able to identify frail people. However, we don’t know what tool is best at identifying people who are likely to have a complication after surgery.

The goal of the project is to identify differences between two leading frailty tools in their accuracy and ease of use for patients and clinicians. These new discoveries will be provided to clinicians to help them choose which frailty tool to use before surgery to identify older patients at a high-risk of bad outcomes after surgery.

Project Team

Principal Investigator:

Daniel McIsaac, MD, MPH, FRCPC -- Ottawa Hospital Research Institute 


Paul Beale, MD, CFPC -- The Ottawa Hospital, University of Ottawa

Gregory Bryson, MD, FRCPC -- The Ottawa Hospital, University of Ottawa

Alan Forster, MD, FRCPC -- The Ottawa Hospital, University of Ottawa

Sylvain Gagné, MD, FRCPC -- The Ottawa Hospital, University of Ottawa

Allen Huang, MD, CFPC, FRCPC -- The Ottawa Hospital, University of Ottawa

John Joanisse, MD, FRCPC -- Montfort Hospital

Homer Yang, MD, FRCSC -- The Ottawa Hospital, University of Ottawa

Knowledge Users and Partners:

Department of Anesthesiology -- University of Ottawa

Project Contact: Daniel I. McIsaac --

FRA 2015-B-06

Key words: aging; frailty; surgery; risk prediction; feasibility; disability; patient care; perioperative care; implement guidelines and best practices; improve patient outcomes