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FRA 2015-B-17

Implementing the ‘Frailty Portal’ in Community Primary Care Practice: Evaluating feasibility, effects and expansion needs

The 'Frailty Portal' was developed to aid in the identification, screening and care planning for frail patients. The web-based portal includes an electronic version of the Frailty Assessment for Care Planning Tool, practical evidence-based visit goals to support individualized care plan development and a toolkit of available, integrated supportive resources.

Research Results

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About the Project

In this community-based study we propose to assess the implementation feasibility and impact of the ‘Frailty Portal’ in the identification, raising awareness of, care planning and delivery of appropriate care for the frail in community primary care practice. Primary Healthcare (PHC) providers regularly encounter frail persons in their daily clinical work. However, routine identification and measurement of frailty is not part of primary care standard practice and there is a general lack of awareness about, and consistency in approach to, frailty.

Deliverables of the project include: (1) knowledge about factors potentially influencing the feasibility of implementing the 'Frailty Portal' in PHC and reasons why; (2) an assessment of whether the Frailty Portal initiative activities had an impact on targeted immediate outcomes among providers, patients and caregivers; and (3) the identification of core components necessary for successful scale-up.

These deliverables will aid in the planning and delivery of optimal, timely and relevant care for the frail in the community which over the long-term, is expected to include a reduction in service duplication, improved continuity, coordination of care, reduced wait time for provider and appropriate community services and greater confidence in the care patients receive by healthcare providers and the degree to which family/caregivers can provide. 

Project Team

Principal Investigators:

Paige Moorhouse, MD, MPH, FRCPC -- Nova Scotia Health Authority

Fred Burge, MD, MSc, FCFP -- Dalhousie University

Tara Sampalli, PhD, MASc -- Nova Scotia Health Authority


Melissa Andrew, MD, PhD, MSc, FRCPC -- Nova Scotia Health Authority

Lisa Bedford, BA, CHRM, MPA -- Nova Scotia Health Authority

Minnie Downey, BA, MA, CHE -- Fraser Health Authority

Lynn Edwards, BScN, PDT, MHSA -- Nova Scotia Health Authority

Antonina Garm, RN, MA, MN, GNC(C) -- Fraser Health Authority

Rick Gibson, MD -- Nova Scotia Health Authority

Laurie Mallery, MD, FRCPC -- Nova Scotia Health Authority

Deidre Taylor, BBA, BPR -- Nova Scotia Health Authority

Grace Warner, PhD -- Nova Scotia Health Authority 

Knowledge Users and Partners:

Fraser Health Authority

Nova Scotia Health Authority 

Project Contact: Paige Moorhouse --

FRA 2015-B-17