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HTIG 2014-20

Using mobile health applications (mHealth) to support communication with frail elderly people in long-term care

The purpose of the study was to examine the current status of communication App (cApp) usage in a sample of long-term residential care (LTRC) facilities and explore the feasibility of implementing a currently available suite of cApps as a tool to address the communication needs of care staff and frail elderly residents.

Principal Investigators

Jeff Small, PhD -- University of British Columbia

Alex Mihailidis, PhD, MASc, PEng -- University of Toronto


Small, J., Wilson, R., Mihailidis, A., Cochrane, D. (Sept. 18-22, 2016). The use of mobile devices and communication apps to facilitate interactions with persons experiencing memory, language, and/or hearing impairments. Accepted presentation in a symposium entitled "Interventions for adults with dementia and their caregivers" at the World Congress of Audiology. Vancouver, B.C.

Small, J., Wilson, R., Mihailidis, A., Cochrane, D. (September 21-23, 2016). Promoting hearing and communication health in long-term residential care through the use of communication apps. Accepted presentation in a symposium entitled “Hearing Health as a Key Component of Healthy Aging” at The Canadian Acoustical Association, Vancouver, B.C.

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