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Influenza vaccination -- a shot against frailty in older adults

2018 09 27 Influenza Vaccination

FREE WEBINAR: Tune into the first of a new series of CFN webinars to learn about the latest knowledge on influenza and vaccination as we approach the 2018 flu season.

People over the age of 65 (particularly those living with frailty), often have weakened immune systems and are at a higher risk of developing serious flu related complications, which can lead to frailty, including significant decline in independence and mobility. Seniors are at high-risk for the most severe consequences of flu including hospitalization and death. It is estimated that up to 91 per cent of flu-related deaths occur in those 65 years of age and older.

Three experts will present and lead discussion on key aspects of this significant health issue, such as: value and use of vaccination from a variety of perspectives, the types of vaccines and their impact on seniors, a case study on the implementation of high-dose influenza vaccines in a health system. This session will be useful for health practitioners, trainees, caregivers, policy makers, administrators and citizens looking for evidence-based information on vaccination/influenza.