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CFN-NBHRF Frailty and Aging Research Engagement (FARE) Initiative

CFN-NHRF Frailty and Aging Research Engagement (FARE) Initiative

New Brunswick Health Research Foundation

Canadian Frailty Network and the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation (NBHRF) have a partnership agreement in place creating the CFN-NBHRF Frailty and Aging Research Engagement (FARE) initiative.

The investment of CA$2M over 2017-2022 will promote health research and health innovation in New Brunswick related to older adults living with frailty. New Brunswick has Canada’s highest concentration of citizens over 65, and FARE will address the needs of the most vulnerable New Brunswickers.

CFN and NBHRF share many common objectives and this partnership capitalizes on our shared vision. Over the next five years CFN will match funding from NBHRF and Government of New Brunswick to provide new opportunities to collaborate on research projects and knowledge translation. These projects will be based in New Brunswick and consistent with CFN’s priorities and scientific standards and those of NBHRF. This could include critical aspects of primary, long-term, community and home care, citizen-identified issues and the evaluation of new models of care. New Brunswick will benefit from this work and through CFN’s national network we will see to it that Canada benefits as well.

Additionally, collaboration will continue on educating and training the next generation of highly qualified personnel in New Brunswick through the CFN Summer Student Awards and CFN Interdisciplinary Fellowships.

In announcing the partnership on October 26, 2017, New Brunswick Seniors and Long-term Care Minister the Honourable Lisa Harris said, “We are so pleased to provide financial support to this important partnership.  Older New Brunswickers, caregivers and all those involved in the senior-care sector will benefit from the research and innovation.”