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2017 Knowledge Translation Grants

Targeted KT Competition for CFN Network Investigators

This KT competition is designed to advance previously funded CFN research evidence into practice, thereby ultimately strengthening Canada's health and social care systems and improving care of Canadians living with frailty.


This KT competition is only open to CFN investigators seeking to build upon previously funded CFN research. Submitted KT proposals must expand upon end-of-grant KT activities previously identified in the CFN funded research project and should not overlap the end-of-grant KT activities already identified in the previously funded CFN project.

Applicants can request funding for implementation projects that include partnerships and collaborations aligning with CFN’s knowledge translation priorities.  CFN will fund projects with multidisciplinary, multi-institutional teams for up to two (2) years in duration.

Projects must meaningfully engage multi-sectoral, multi-institutional  and multidiscplinary researchers, as well as partners, industry, patients and their family/friend caregivers, and other stakeholders. There are also specific requirements regarding the development of highly qualified personnel (HQP). 


Projects must have demonstrated partnerships with committed cash and/or in-kind contributions from NCE eligible partners valued at a minimum of 100% of the funding requested from CFN (e.g. If $75,000 funding is requested from CFN, a project must have at least an additional confirmed $75,000 in eligible contributions.) Proposals that secure cash and/or in-kind matching contributions beyond the amount requested of CFN will be at an advantage.

There is no maximum amount in CFN funding for a single KT proposal, but because of the limited overall budget amount and the expected high interest in this competition, budget justification in proposals will be a major evaluation criterion.  Increasing budget requests will be expected to produce a proportionately greater impact and justify the budget and quantify the potential impact. 


Only those projects that submit an Intent to Apply will be eligible to later submit for consideration a full application package. The Intent to Apply must be submitted via email to by Monday July 24, 2017 at 5 pm ET.

Please note: After submission of the Intent to Apply, no additional Principal Investigators or Co-Investigators may be added to the project.

Full Application packages must be submitted by Tuesday, September 5, 2017 at 5 pm ET, using Forum, CFN's online application and reporting system.

Application process

Please note: The application process has changed from previous CFN competitions. Please review the Application Instructions carefully before submitting your Intent to Apply and full Application Package.

Eligibility and requirements are outlined in the Program Guidelines.

The full Application Package consists of:

  1. Project Team Information (completed Excel document to be uploaded onto Forum) -- coming soon
  2. Application Form (FOR REFERENCE ONLY; application must be completed online using Forum)
  3. Partner Letter(s) (PDF document to be uploaded onto Forum)
  4. Principal Investigator CV(s) (CCCV to be uploaded onto Forum)
  5. CV(s)/Resume(s) for Other Project Team Member(s) (CCV or PDF documents to be uploaded onto Forum)
  6. Budget – for each Principal Investigator (completed Excel document to be uploaded onto Forum) -- coming soon
  7. Required Signatures – for each Principal Investigator (PDF document to be uploaded onto Forum) -- coming soon

Further information

Address your questions and information requests to CFN at