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Canada's premier applied research internship program

CFN and Mitacs Accelerate Internships

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Canada’s premier applied research internship program

  • Seeking ways to leverage your R&D budget?
  • Have a research or business challenge that requires outside expertise?
  • Want to connect with highly-trained potential employees?

Engage top graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to address your unique business research challenges, and benefit from mentored insight and expertise. Matching funds from Mitacs provide cost-effective, low-risk access to university researchers. 

Open Call for Projects

Mitacs Accelerate internships are open to graduate students, post-doc fellows, for-profit businesses and eligible not-for-profit organizations in all sectors, including industry associations, charitable groups and economic development agencies. 


Expression of Interest Guidelines

Download the Internship Guidelines here.   

Partner Organizations

Download the Partner Organization Application Form here.   

Graduate Students, Post-Doctoral Fellows, and Faculty Supervisors

Download the Internship Preapplication Form here.    

Information Session

CFN presented a webinar on September 10, 2015 to provide details on this internship opportunity. View the webinar here and the presentation by CFN and Mitacs.


How does Mitacs Accelerate work?

 For the intern and the university:

  • Continuous application intake: no deadlines to apply.
  • Simple application process: approval typically takes six weeks.
  • Real-world exposure: interns and faculty apply the latest tools, innovations and research methods to real issues.

For partner organizations:

  • Matching Mitacs funding for partner-identified research
  • Peer-reviewed, high-quality research, and access to university expertise
  • Light admin: Mitacs and the university manage administrative and financial issues; the intern is not a company employee.
  • Real-time innovation: gain novel solutions to challenging problems.
  • Projects may be eligible for Government of Canada SR&ED tax credits.

CFN provides:

  • Assistance with application matching among industry, research investigators, supervisors and students.
  • Research projects showcased at CFN Annual Conference – two-day national event involving lectures, workshops, displays and networking.
  • Participation in training modules as part of CFN HQP Program and potential journal publication. 

Accelerate: Scalable in four-month internships

  • Projects range from single, 4-month internships to multiple, consecutive units for larger projects.
  • Cost-shared with Mitacs: partner organization's contribution is matched dollar-for-dollar.

The Details

  • Each 4-month internship receives $15,000 in direct funding: the partner organization sends its $7,500 contribution to Mitacs, which matches it and forwards the $15,000 as a research grant to the intern's academic supervisor.
  • Internship funds are directed exclusively to supporting direct costs of research. Interns receive a $10,000 (minimum) stipend for each 4-month internship unit.
  • Mitacs Accelerate does not match funds secured from governmental or university funding sources.
  • Interns must be graduate students or post-doctoral fellows enrolled at a Canadian university. Foreign students and permanent residents are eligible. Interns remain students of their universities and are not employees of partner organizations.
  • As part of project initiation, the intern, academic supervisor and partner supervisor agree on the research plan.
  • Applications are typically adjudicated within 6 weeks by Mitacs and arms-length reviewers.

Accelerate Cluster: interconnected internships

Accelerate Cluster projects are undertaken by a team of 3+ interns addressing a larger research goal. Clusters may involve multiple universities, professors and partners that collaborate on a single, cohesive research plan. Clusters start with a minimum of 6 internships (with no upper limit.)

The Details

  • The partner organization contributes a minimum of $36,000 ($6,000 per internship); matched with $44,000 from Mitacs.
  • Funding supports 6+ individual internships provided to 3+ participating graduate students or post-doctoral fellows. Each intern receives a stipend of $10,000 (minimum) with additional funds supporting other research and equipment costs.


Leverage your business expertise and R&D advantages. Apply for a Mitacs Accelerate internship today.

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