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Interdisciplinary Fellowship Program

Given the complex nature of their care, an interdisciplinary approach is necessary to address the needs of frail elderly individuals, as well as the needs of their families and caregivers.The CFN Interdisciplinary Fellowship Program (IFP) provides a unique learning experience to Fellow trainees and adapts an experiential learning approach that:

  1.  Develops expertise on frailty and late life issues
  2.  Builds deeper understanding of interdisciplinary perspectives and              collaborative practice
  3.   Develops skills that are adapted to professional settings 

CFN seeks applicants from a wide variety of disciplines to facilitate a well-rounded interdisciplinary experience for all Fellows. In addition to working with supervisors within their disciplines, Fellows interact closely with mentors from complementary disciplines and most importantly, with patients, families and their support systems.

CFN provides financial support for Fellow's existing academic work. Fellows may be graduate/doctoral/post-doctoral students or graduates, residents, fellows or working professionals, and will have relevant employment or life experience and the academic/other skills necessary to complete the rigorous fellowship requirements. Preference is given to applicants that have demonstrated current or prior personal or professional interest in aging and/or the seriously ill elderly through pursuing aging-related courses or specializations, or relevant work, community service or leadership experience.

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2017 cohort: CFN's fifth competition funded 10 IFP.

2016 cohort: CFN's fourth competition expanded the number of Fellows admitted to the IFP to 20. For this cohort, the Fellowship term was one year and new Fellows were integrated with existing online collaborative project teams.

2015 cohort: CFN's third competition targeted specific disciplines aimed at providing a well-rounded interdisciplinary experience for all Fellows. For this cohort, the Fellowship term was 14 months and the Fellows joined existing online collaborative project teams. 

2014 Cohort: 8 Fellows were funded in the 2014 Spring cohort. 

2013 Cohort: 8 Fellows were funded in a fall cohort.