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Meet our 2017 Interdisciplinary Fellows and their Supervisors

The CFN Interdisciplinary Fellowship Program goes beyond traditional academic and clinical training opportunities by offering enriched experiential learning and interdisciplinary collaboration.

CFN contributes a maximum of 50% of the Fellowship funding and applicants must confirm within their application a partner that has agreed to provide at least matching funds in cash. All funding must be paid as Fellow stipends only.

In CFN’s fIfth annual  Interdisciplinary Fellowship Program competition, 10 fellows were funded. The 10 recipients represent many disciplines at 7 host institutions in 5 provinces. Amanda Lee of the University of New Brunswick is funded in collaboration with the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation (NBHRF), a CFN partner.



Host Institution

David Marshall

Mark Rosenberg

Queen's University

Jennifer Im

Kerry Kuluski

University of Toronto

Carmel Montgomery

Sean Bagshaw

University of Alberta

Marie-Elaine Delvin

Jennifer Medves

Queen's University

Alexandrine Boucher

France Légaré

Laval University

Aaron Jones

Andrew Costa

McMaster University

Amanda Lee

Danielle Bouchard

University of New Brunswick

Ahmed Negm

Alexandra Papaioannou


McMaster University

Emily Hawken

Gordon Boyd

Queen's University

Elaine Moody

Ruth Martin-Misener

Dalhousie University