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Meet our 2016 Fellows

Interdisciplinary Fellowship Program

2016 Winter Cohort

The 2016 Winter competition expanded to 20 the number of new Fellows admitted into the program. New trainees enter our IFP from a wider range of academic disciplines, with backgrounds and interests in aging or older adults living with frailty, through course work, specializations or relevant work, community service or leadership experience.

For more information on the 2016 competition, please click here.

Fellows spend up to 10 hours a week on IFP modules, supported by supervisors. Training is delivered through a self-directed, experiential approach based on learning themes that focus on specific areas of skill development:

  • Frailty assessment,
  • Citizenship engagement,
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration, and
  • Self-directed professional development.

On completing the IFP, Fellows:

  • Anticipate the social, economic, and ethical implications of frailty and late life issues
  • Recognize frailty to improve care for older Canadians living with frailty with evidence-based interventions
  • Identify and apply best practices for citizen-patient engagement to incorporate their needs and concerns within research and practice
  • Practice the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values identified by the National Interprofessional Competency Framework to support multidisciplinary research and practice
  • Obtain new knowledge and skills on self-identified gaps to support integration into academic and non-academic workforces.

IFP Partner Participation

CFN recognizes that networking and partnership arrangements are critical to the successful realization of dynamic and successful fellowships.  IFP partnerships are a key to knowledge creation and mobilization activities addressed in a multidisciplinary, multi-sectoral manner.

CFN has secured a health partner that is providing 50% matching funds for our BC-based Fellow, Rozanne Wilson. The BC Ministry of Health Patient-Centred Measurement Fellowship is supporting the analysis of patient self-reports of outcomes and experiences of care with a focus on the frail elderly. The Fellow is based at Providence Health Care in Vancouver, BC and supervised by Richard Sawatzky (Canada Research Chair, PROMS) and Lena Cuthbertson (Provincial Director Patient Centred Performance Measurement and Improvement, BC Ministry of Health).

Meet our 2016 Fellows

             Fellows                                 Supervisors

        Bagheri Zahra                         Dutta Tilak

        Zahra Bagheri                              Tilak Dutta

        Commandeur Drew                          Hundza Sandra

     Drew Commandeur                     Sandra Hundza         

        Costa Idevania Geraldina                          Tregunno Deborah

Idevania Geraldina Costa             Deborah Tregunno

        Eamer Gilgamesh                          Khadaroo Rachel

      Gilgamesh Eamer                     Rachel Khadaroo

        Gibson Jennifer                          Rodney Paddy

       Jennifer Gibson                        Paddy Rodney

        Gillis Chelsia                          Gramlich Leah

         Chelsia Gillis                           Leah Gramlich

        Hathaway Joshua                          Gruneir Andrea

     Joshua Hathaway                       Andrea Gruneir

        Kirkham Julia                          Seitz Dallas

         Julia Kirkham                             Dallas Seitz

        Krawcyzk Marian                          Sawatzky Richard

      Marian Krawczyk                      Richard Sawatzky

        Laur Celia                          Keller Heather

            Celia Laur                              Heather Keller

        Leyenaar Matt                          Costa Andrew

        Matt Leyenaar                           Andrew Costa

        Maximos Melody                          Dal Bel Haas Vanina

      Melody Maximos                   Vanina dal Bello-Haas

        Mroz Larry                          Sawatzky Richard

            Larry Mroz                           Richard Sawatzky

        Roy Noemie                          Légaré France

          Noemie Roy                             France Légaré

        Velkers Clive                          Seitz Dallas

          Clive Velkers                             Dallas Seitz

        Verma Amol                          Mamdani Muhammad

          Amol Verma                       Muhammad Mamdani

        Whitlock Reid                          Tangri Navdeep

         Reid Whitlock                         Navdeep Tangri

        Wilson Rozanne                          Sawatzky Richard

       Rozanne Wilson                      Richard Sawatzky