Other initiatives

Education and Training for researchers and knowledge users

CFN has made Citizen Engagement a module within its unique Interdisciplinary Training Program and a requirement for all program participants. Dr. Jacobi Elliott, a CFN Interdisciplinary Fellow and member of the CFN Citizen Engagement Committee, worked with CFN to develop and deliver a presentation providing a broad overview of citizen engagement with a focus on older Canadians living with frailty, in addition to a series of case studies. A similar module is also being developed for researchers and knowledge users involved in research and knowledge translation initiatives. CFN Interdisciplinary Fellows interact with a Patient or Family/Friend Caregiver Mentor during their fellowships, and recruitment and training materials are being delivered for mentors.

Priority Setting

CFN held a Frailty Priority Setting Process Competition in 2015-16 and awarded a directed services contract in an effort to determine patient-centred research priorities relating to healthcare of older Canadians living with frailty. This was a consultative process aligned with the James Lind Process that calls for equal input from the perspectives of older adults living with frailty and their caregivers, as well as clinicians and allied health professionals, led by Dr. Katherine McGilton and Dr. Martine Puts from the University of Toronto.

Priorities established formed the basis for a Catalyst Grant competition, which is currently in the review and adjudication phase.