Ansar Hassan

Ansar Hassan, MD

Dalhousie University

2019 Knowledge Translation Grant — Establishing Shared Decision Making Among Vulnerable Patients Referred for Cardiac Surgery, a Maritime-Wide Initiative (KT2019-07)

Dr. Ansar Hassan is a Cardiac Surgeon at the NBHC who has a PhD in clinical and social epidemiology. With a strong background in research and over 20 peer-reviewed publications to his name, Dr. Hassan constitutes the prototypical clinician scientist. In his three years as a member of the NBHC, Dr. Hassan has helped to establish the clinical outcomes research program at the NBHC. Within the Department of Surgery, he has spearheaded the revitalization of existing cardiac surgery datasets and is currently in the process of linking these with other clinical and administrative data registries aimed at increasing the scope of understanding of cardiac surgical care. During this time, as well, the NBHC has seen an increase in non-trials-based clinical research productivity. Two research abstracts were accepted at the 2010 Canadian Cardiovascular Congress meeting and another eight were accepted in 2011. Most importantly, however, is the success that Dr. Hassan had in acquiring a sum of $151,485 in the form of peer-reviewed funding from both Heart and Stroke New Brunswick and the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation. This funding was obtained in 2011 for the project entitled “Access to Cardiovascular Care in New Brunswick: Minimizing Disparities and Optimizing Patient Outcomes”.