Nick Bansback

Bansback Nick 

Nick Bansback, PhD

University of British Columbia

Principal Investigator:

2015 Catalyst Grant Program — Exploring the preferences of frail elderly Canadians for aspects of inpatient care: A best-worst scaling experiment (CAT 2015-36)

Dr. Nick Bansback is an Assistant Professor in the School of Population and Public Health at the University of British Columbia. He received a BSc in Mathematics, majoring in Operations Research, an MSc in Health Services Research and then completed a PhD in Health Economics and Decision Sciences, all at the University of Sheffield, located in the United Kingdom. In 2004, he moved to Vancouver, receiving post-doctoral training at the University of British Columbia. He then proceeded to work with the Centre for Health Evaluation and Outcome Sciences and in 2014 was the recipient of a Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) New Investigator award. Bansback’s research uses different methods of decision analysis to improve health. In addition, his methodological areas of research include measuring and valuing health, economic evaluation and network meta-analysis.