Luc Bissonnette

 Bissonnette Luc

Luc Bissonnette, PhD, BA, MA

Université Laval

Principal Investigator:

2015 Transformative Grant Program Pilot Study — Connecting Emergency Departments with Community services to prevent mobility losses in injured pre-frail & frail Seniors (CEDeComS) (TG 2015-09-P)

Dr. Luc Bissonnette is an Assistant Professor of the Economics Department at Université Laval, and was previously a Post-Doctoral Fellow at CIRPEE, as well as a Researcher at the Center for Data and Analysis in Transportation (CDAT). In 2007, he received his BA and MA in Economics from Université Laval, and in 2012 he completed his PhD in Economics, Econometrics at the CentER Research Institute of Tilburg University. Dr. Bissonnette’s research specialties include economics of aging, applied econometrics and behavioural experimental economics.