Campbell, Angus

Campbell, Angus (2017 09) Angus Campbell

Caregivers Nova Scotia (retired)

Member: Board of Directors

Angus Campbell recently retired as Executive Director of Caregivers Nova Scotia.  As a former caregiver himself, Angus has shown his commitment by sitting on a number of boards and committees:  Canadian Virtual Hospice, NS Provincial Palliative Care Advisory, NS Centre on Aging Advisory, NS Health Authority prideHealth Advisory, NS Seniors Mental Health Network, NS Dementia Strategy Advisory, and NS Hospice and Palliative Care Association.

He has collaborated with researchers on projects including Care and Respect for Elders in Emergency (CARE), Caregiver Telegroup Support evaluation, and Knowledge to Action: Caregivers, the lynchpin to homecare clients remaining at home.

Mr. Campbell has given presentations and workshops discussing Caregiving Issues, Resources for Caregivers in Nova Scotia, and Safe Medicines for Seniors and Caregivers to audiences of caregivers, seniors, Geriatric Grand Rounds, Telehealth, and Emergency Medical Services.