Vanina dal Bello-Haas

IFP2016-12 Dal Bello Haas Photo Vanina dal Bello-Haas, PhD, PT

McMaster University

Vanina Dal Bello-Haas, PhD, PT is an Associate Professor in the School of Rehabilitation Sciences and Assistant Dean, Physiotherapy at McMaster University. Vanina graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy from the University of Toronto, completed her Master’s degree at Brock University and her PhD at Cleveland State University. She was a faculty member at Cleveland State University (Department of Health Sciences/Physical Therapy Program) and the University of Saskatchewan (School of Physical Therapy), before arriving at McMaster in 2011. Vanina has worked with a variety of patient populations and has practiced in most physiotherapy practice areas since graduation, and has specialized in the assessment and management of individuals with neurodegenerative diseases and older adults since 1994.

Dr. Dal Bello-Haas’ research takes the latin root of rehabilitation (“rehabilitare” – to provide again with means), and “active living”, whereby healthy, optimal, and productive living is paramount irrespective of disease state, to heart. Research interests include: (1) older adults and individuals with neurodegenerative diseases, particularly those with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and dementia; (2) therapeutic interventions (including tele-rehabilitation) that maximize function and quality of life along the aging continuum, the degenerative disease trajectory; (3) educational research – professional issues, use of web-based interfaces in teaching, peer evaluation, and strategies to increase capacity of health care professionals interested in working with older adults and neurologic populations. Research methods include qualitative, quantitative, and systematic reviews.