Laveena Munshi

Laveena Munshi MD, FRCPC, MSc (Clinical Epidemiology)

University of Toronto


2020 Summer Student–Rena Seeger

Laveena Munshi is an Assistant Professor and Critical Care Physician at Sinai Health System in the Interdepartmental Division of Critical Care Medicine at the University of Toronto. She has research interests in critical care of the immunocompromised and oncologic patient populations with an early focus on hematologic malignancies and acute respiratory failure.  She has completed her Masters in Clinical Epidemiology at the University of Toronto. She was supported by a Canadian Institute for Health Research fellowship award during her graduate work as well as the Eliot Phillipson Clinician Scientist Training program. She has recently obtained funding from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada to conduct a multicenter national study evaluating short and long term outcomes of critically ill patients with hematologic malignancies. She is the co-founder of the Critical Care Oncologic Investigative Network – a local initiative established to improve quality of care and communication between Oncology and Critical Care.