Lee, Amanda

Lee, Amanda

Amanda Lee

University of New Brunswick

Supervisor: Danielle Bouchard

2017 Interdisciplinary Fellow

Amanda Lee is a Masters student in Exercise Science Studies under the supervision of Dr. Danielle Bouchard at the University of New Brunswick (UNB) after completing her undergrad in the Science in Kinesiology also at UNB in Fredericton. She has a passion for the health and wellness of others and is particularly passionate about the wellbeing of older adults. She has acquired experience working with older adults through fitness classes. She works at and instruct several classes at the university fitness facility, the Richard Currie Center. Her favorite class to teach is the Silver Dolphins, an older adult aqua fitness class. She feels fortunate to work with Dr. Bouchard and Jennifer Donovan from York Care to extend her knowledge of physical activity with older adults having a large heterogeneity in terms of mobility.