Matthias Hoben

     Matthias Hoben PhD, MSc, Diploma (Nursing Management), RN

     University of Alberta


2020 Summer Student Awards Program — Kolby Kruger

2021 Summer Student Awards Program — Jenny Lam

Dr. Hoben obtained his doctoral degree in nursing and health sciences in 2014 (Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany). After his post-doctoral training with Dr. Estabrooks, Faculty of Nursing, University of Alberta (2014-2018), he became an Assistant Professor with the Faculty of Nursing, University of Alberta in June 2018. Dr. Hoben’s research focuses on the care of frail older adults. Specifically, he is interested in developing and evaluating effective strategies to improve quality of care of frail, older adults; quality of life of frail, older adults and their family/friend caregivers; quality of care staff work life; and the quality of healthcare systems.