Mary Ann McColl

Mccoll Mary Ann 

Mary Ann McColl, PhD, MTS, MHSc, BSc(OT)

Queen’s University


2013 Interdisciplinary Fellowship Program Supervisor — Christine Knott, PhD, MSc, BA — Home-based rehabilitation for the frail elderly: Implications for rehospitalization, clinical practice and quality of life

Mary Ann McColl is a Professor in the School of Rehabilitation Therapy and in the Department of Community Health and Epidemiology in the School of Medicine at Queen’s University, and Associate Director at the Centre for Health Services and Policy Research, also at Queen’s. Dr. McColl’s research interests include access to health services for people with disabilities, disability policy, spirituality and health, and community integration and social support. She is currently Academic Lead for the Canadian Disability Policy Alliance, an association of academic, community and policy partners committed to understanding and enhancing disability policy in Canada.