McKim, Aaron


Aaron McKim, MD

Eastern Health

Member: Education and Training Committee

Aaron McKim is a family physician from Eastern Newfoundland who has worked across the country- now living and working in the Eastern Health Region of Newfoundland for the past 12 years, Aaron has also been working in Emergency Medicine and Long Term Care during this time. Dr McKim has been Clinical Chief for Long Term Care for nearly 3 years and is responsible for recruitment, quality assurance and program improvement in approximately two thirds of the level 3 long term care beds in the province. As a Faculty Member of Memorial University of Newfoundland, Aaron has been involved in the teaching of family medicine and geriatric care as well as teaching Palliative care through Pallium Canada- a nationally accredited multidisciplinary palliative care training program. Prior to completing Medical School at Memorial University, and Family Practice residency program at Dalhousie University, Aaron was a professional juggler and street performer working across North America as “Dr Juggle” before entering into medical school, and has been the principal organizer of the Newfoundland Juggling Club for the past 25 years. Dr McKim is currently involved in several research projects including iPod use in dementia patients to reduce antipsychotic medication usage, Antibiotic stewardship in urinary tract infections, and web app development to improve the application process for medications involving special application coverage. Research interests also include cross cultural healing collaboration involving traditional and biomedical cooperation in First Nations communities in Eastern and central Canada as well as Southern Africa and Central America.