Negm, Ahmed

Ahmed Negm 1 MAR 9 2016 3

Ahmed Negm

McMaster University

Ahmed graduated from medical school at the University of Alexandria, Alexandria, Egypt (2004). In 2010, he was granted a Masters degree of orthopedic surgery, Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt and the membership of Royal College of Surgeon of England. In 2013, he finished his MSc of Rehabilitation Science at McMaster University. Ahmed’s thesis was entitled “Pain Measurement and Management in People with Knee Osteoarthritis”. He is currently a PhD candidate, Rehabilitation School at McMaster University. He received several awards and scholarships including,  the Ontario Graduate scholarship 2015 and CIHR Joint Motion Program Graduate Fellow in Musculoskeletal Health Research. As a career, Ahmed is interested in the clinician-scientist model; therefore he follows his passion to clinical practice and research as well. His graduate research program focus on examining interventions to optimize physical and cognitive function of older adults with frailty using randomized controlled trial and systematic review methodology.