Barbara Pesut

       Barbara Pesut, PhD, RN

       University of British Columbia

Principal Investigator:

2014 Catalyst Grant Program — Feasibility of a volunteer/healthcare provider navigation partnership to support frail rural-dwelling older adults (CAT 2014-CP)


2020 Interdisciplinary Fellow–Madison Huggins

Barbara Pesut is an Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Health, Ethics and Diversity at the University of British Columbia. She practiced nursing in a variety of areas including critical care and paediatric oncology, before transitioning to nursing education. Barbara served as the Department Chair of the Nursing Education program at Trinity Western University for six years and has worked on a variety of Provincial Nursing Educational Initiatives. She earned her undergraduate degree in nursing at the University of Victoria, and her Masters and PhD in Nursing at the University of British Columbia. Her research interests include rural and remote palliative care, and spirituality/religion/culture in health care.