Stacey Hawkins

        Stacey Hawkins, BA, MA

        Ontario Tech University (formerly UOIT)

2020 Interdisciplinary Frailty Fellow

Supervisor: Dr. Winnie Sun

Stacey is a part-time PhD student (Health Sciences) and Adjunct Professor at Ontario Tech University. She is the Director of Research and Evaluation for Seniors Care Network, and administrative lead for the Central East Geriatric Emergency Management Nurse Program. Stacey has a BA (Wilfrid Laurier), a post-graduate certificate in Public Relations (Loyalist), a MA in Health and Aging (McMaster), and various clinical and evaluative certifications. Stacey participates in regional, provincial, and national research teams, committees, and communities of practice focused on dementia and frailty. Her primary research interests examine how clinicians facilitate clinical decision-making and goal-setting with persons with dementia.