Esther Suter

Suter Esther 

Esther Suter, PhD, MSW

University of Calgary

Principal Investigator:

2015 Transformative Grant Program Pilot Study — Transforming primary health care for frail elderly Canadians (TG 2015-24-P)

2015 Catalyst Grant Program — Integrated eTechnology: Seniors Care for the 21st Century (CAT 2015-02)

Dr. Esther Suter is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Calgary. Dr. Suter obtained her MSW in Community, Organizations, Management and Policy from the University of Calgary and holds a PhD in Natural Sciences from the Swiss Institute of Technology. Her research interests focus on health systems research, evaluation of new service delivery models and quantitative and qualitative research methods. In addition, she has a special interest in complex adaptive systems and human systems dynamics, and how tools and approaches from these fields may be used to achieve transformative change in health care.