Verma, Amol

IFP2016-14 Verma Photo Amol Verma, MD, MPhil, BSc

University of Toronto

2016  Interdisciplinary Fellow 

Principal Investigator:

Developing a Frailty Cohort in the Ontario COVID-19 Prospective Cohort Study (CFN-091)

Amol Verma is a resident (PGY5) in General Internal Medicine at the University of Toronto and is developing an area of research in studying the care of complex, aging, and frail patients using data from electronic health records. He hosts a free weekly podcast about new research in medicine, called The Rounds Table (, which has been downloaded in over 70 countries. After medical school at the University of Toronto, he completed a Masters in Economic and Social History at Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar, where he studied health service delivery in conflict zones. He is also working to promote leadership development, reflective practice, and resource stewardship in medical education.