2016 Summer Program in Aging presentations

Introduction to Frailty and Late Life Issues

Overview of Frailty — John Muscedere, Canadian Frailty Network

Conceptions of Social Frailty within an Aging in Place Lens — Suzanne Dupuis-Blanchard, Université de Moncton

The Canadian Health Care System and Frailty — Frances Morton-Chang, University of Toronto

Advance Care Planning for Patients and Frailty — James Downar, University Health Network

Health Ageing in Residential Places — Pat Armstrong, York University

International Health Care System and Frailty — Hans Erik Henriksen, Healthcare DENMARK

Personal and Professional Reflections on Frailty — Duncan Robertson, Alberta Health Services

Frailty Assessment Tools and Research

Overview of Frailty Assessment Tools — John Hirdes, University of Waterloo

The identification of frailty: A systematic literature review

Outcome instruments to measure frailty: A systematic review

Measures of frailty in population-based studies: An overview

Ethics in Frailty — Ross Upshur

Using the Frailty Index in Research — Janet McElhaney, Advanced Medical Research Institute of Canada

Manitoba Follow-Up Study — Robert Tate, University of Manitoba

Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging: Data for Frailty Research — Lauren Griffith & Chris Verschoor, McMaster University

Involving patients and caregivers in research and care

Engaging Older Adults in Healthcare Research, Planning, and Decision-Making — Jacobi Elliott, University of Waterloo

Senior Friendly Strategies in Healthcare- The Challenge and the Opportunity — Barbara Liu, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Knowledge translation and dissemination

Introduction to Research Impact Assessment — Deanne Langlois-Klassen, Alberta Innovates Health Solutions

Evaluation and Outcome Reporting for CIHR Grants — Marc Turcotte, CIHR

Professional Development 

How to Write Effective Grants — Ross Upshur

CIHR’s Investigator Initiated Grant Programs & Peer Review Processes — Martine Lafrance, CIHR

Inter professional Practice… Making it So — Kelly Kay, Seniors Care Network; Brenda Gamble, University of Ontario Institute of Technology

CIHR Strategic Action Plan on Training — Alysha Croker, CIHR