CFN and Research Canada Health Research Caucus


The non-partisan parliamentary Health Research Caucus, with Research Canada, holds events to foster relationships and understanding among Canada’s elected officials and policy makers, regarding the value of Canadian health research as a catalyst to improve health and generate economic benefit.

Recognizing the prevalence of frailty among older adults in Canada, and the impact on Canadian healthcare systems, in 2016 the Health Research Caucus elected to hold an event on frailty and older Canadians. Research Canada subsequently invited CFN to co-host this event, as the only organization in Canada completely devoted to this vulnerable population. The event was a reception where, in addition to hearing from speakers, parliamentarians have an opportunity to visit kiosks and speak one-on-one with researchers.

This was a “sold-out” event, with three times the normal number of sponsors. Attendance was by invitation only, with invitations going to all MPs and Senators and their senior staff, as well as Deputy Ministers. The event was held in the Speaker’s Lounge in the Centre Block on Parliament Hill, to maximize visibility.

CFN worked with Research Canada and the Caucus to develop a themed program and to identify leading frailty researchers, and we are gratified to have so many CFN Network participants among them.  Fifteen of the eighteen researchers were associated with CFN, with eight being Network Investigators or Board and Committee Members.