CFN National Forum

In 2015, Canadian Frailty Network launched a National Forum to initiate transformational change in care for Canada’s older adults living with frailty.

We believe that crafting a national strategy on caring for older adults living with frailty within Canada’s multi-jurisdictional system is a complex policy challenge requiring a multi-faceted perspective, clarity, and a desire among our stakeholders and leadership to collaborate, and the will to act.

As a national Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) organization, CFN is multi-sectoral and pan-Canadian, and uniquely positioned to facilitate the development of evidence-based policies by promoting dialogue and the interchange of ideas between stakeholders, resulting in initiatives that drive change.

Our National Forum events brought together healthcare leaders from across Canada who have an interest in developing a comprehensive strategy for the care of Canada’s older adults living with frailty, and who advocate for transformational change to improve health outcomes and support their families and caregivers. The agenda benefitted from international perspectives, input from Canadian thought leaders, and the engagement of patients and their families and caregivers.

Forum Steering Committee:

Tom Noseworthy, Duncan Sinclair, Chris Simpson, Richard Reznick and John Muscedere

Toronto: June 4-5, 2015 – Moving towards a strategy for the care of Canada’s frail elderly

The focus of the first Forum was twofold: first, to obtain key informant input in preparation for developing a pan-Canadian strategy for care of the frail elderly, and second, to establish the importance of, and need for, a national approach to improving care for the frail elderly.

Click here to see the proceedings from the 2015 Forum.

A discussion paper was prepared, and extensive consultation took place prior to, and at the Forum.  This paper was published in the Canadian Journal on Aging:

Preliminary collaborative working groups were formed to tackle specific areas for discussion at the next Forum.

Toronto: May 12-13, 2016 – Transforming health care for Canada’s aging, frail population

The second Forum examined the form and substance of a pan-Canadian strategy, ensuring that ethical, legal and social implications are considered.

Working groups addressed specific areas within the framework of frailty assessment and screening, and presented executive summaries of their work and led discussions at the Forum.

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