Upcoming Events

September 30 Webinar- Protecting Your Health: Preparing for the influenza season in the age of COVID-19

In this webinar experts from the healthcare field will answer your questions on why influenza impacts older adults more heavily, what vaccinations are recommended, and how getting your vaccinations can help you stay healthy as you age!

Moderated by: André Picard

Hosted by: Dr. John Muscedere

Panelists: Dr. Kieran Moore, Dr. Melissa Andrew, Dr. Shelley McNeil

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Cross-country Collaboration Tour Events 

CFN is re-engaging with citizens, researchers, partners and policy makers to refine our understanding of their needs, to incorporate in our strategic planning. CFN is finalizing a plan and agenda for 2020 with committed partners to visit cities across Canada. Follow CFN as we engage with Canadians across the country! Please join us if we are in your area.

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