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Employment Opportunities

Post-doc positions at the Gérontopôle of Toulouse
Head of Department: Prof Bruno Vellas, MD, PhD
The Gérontopôle is currently recruiting post-docs to be involved in the ongoing research programs within the framework of the INSPIRE project. This major program is dedicated to Geroscience translational research on biological and Healthy Ageing. It aims to identify biomarkers, determine biological age, and work on all the hallmarks of aging. Furthermore, in the field of prevention, INSPIRE promotes the implementation of WHO’s ICOPE (Integrated
Care for Older People) program for Healthy Ageing. Various positions according to the candidate’s experience and interests are available. Appointments are for full-time and fixed-term (period of one year, renewable for one year). Application Deadline: June 30, 2021. Please submit applications to Constance de Seynes constance.de-seynes@univ-tlse3.fr. 
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Postdoctoral Positions: Mount Saint Allison University & Centre on Aging Nova Scotia
How Approaches to Care Shape the Pathways of Older Adult Home Care Clients

The purpose of the How Approaches to Care Shape the Pathways of Older Adult Home Care Clients research project is to understand how policy, practice and decision-making shape a client’s journey through the home care system. This project is using a mixed-methods approach to achieve its objective. Activities are taking place in Nova Scotia (NS) and Manitoba (MB), through three interrelated and overlapping research streams:
• Construct Client Pathways – Retrospective data analysis of client assessment data
• Explore Factors that Shape Client Pathways – Interviews with clients, caregivers and support workers
• Examine Policy Context – Review of key policies

The project is seeking applications for two postdoctoral positions available during 2021-2023.

Interested applicants from the social sciences, health and other relevant disciplines should submit an application consisting of a cover letter and a curriculum vitae to nsca@msvu.ca Nova Scotia Centre on Aging, Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax NS B3M 2J6. Applications will be received until suitable candidates are found.

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Citizen participation

The Ottawa Hospital and University of Ottawa Department of Medicine

Our team of physicians, palliative care doctors and psychologist have developed a tool to help seriously ill hospitalized patients consider what is important to them so they can have meaningful conversations about their wishes with their doctors in hospital. The tool is meant to help people reflect on what matters to them and prepare them for further conversations and decision making. We would like your input on our tool so that we can improve it and make it as useful as possible.  If you are interested in seeing the tool and completing a survey to give your feedback please click the link below.  The tool and survey will take about 45 minutes to complete. Find out more here https://goals-of-care.qalius.com/

Dalhousie University and Nova Scotia Health Authority: Prostate Cancer Research

Have you completed treatment for prostate cancer?

Researchers at Dalhousie University and Nova Scotia Health Authority want to hear from men in Nova Scotia who have been diagnosed with and treated for prostate cancer about their post-treatment care.

Specifically, we are interested in speaking  with Nova Scotia men who:

·      are at least 18 years of age

·      have been previously diagnosed with prostate cancer, and

·      have completed treatment for prostate cancer within the last 5 years.

If you meet these criteria, you are invited to participate in a one-time telephone interview which will last about one (1) hour. We would like to hear about your healthcare experiences since completing treatment, including whether or not it is meeting your healthcare needs. If you choose to participate you will receive a $25.00 honorarium in appreciation of your time.

If you have questions about this study or would like to participate, please contact:

Margaret Jorgensen
Phone: (902) 473-7290
Email: Margaret.Jorgensen@ccns.nshealth.ca


National Institute on Aging StudyLGBTQI2S people living with dementia (PLWD) and their family/friend caregivers needed

The purpose of this national research study is to better understand the unique experiences and needs of LGBTQI2S people living with dementia (PLWD) and their unpaid carers in Canada. To achieve this goal, this research project aims to collect and explore individual experiences of care and support as lived by LGBTQI2S PLWD, unpaid primary carers, and/or LGBTQI2S carers of someone living with dementia.

Participation in this study is completely voluntary and will involve a three-hour time commitment (e.g., participation in an introductory meeting and a two-hour focus group with up to a total of 6 participants). In order to participate, the following inclusion criteria for focus group participants are required:

  • Identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and/or Two-spirit;
  • Live with a diagnosis of dementia;


  • Provide unpaid primary care for LGBTQI2S people living with dementia and are at least 18 years of age;
  • OR identify as LGBTQI2S and provide unpaid primary care for a person living with dementia and are at least 18 years of age.

We welcome and encourage participation of people with various interconnecting social identities; such as Black, Indigenous, and People of colour, people who live in rural areas, etc.

In appreciation of participation, focus group participants will receive a $50 Amazon e-gift card. 

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Regional Geriatric Program of Toronto: Volunteers Needed to Test Physical Activity Program

Invitation to participate in a free physical activity initiative, share feedback, and enter in a draw to win a prize!

COVID-19 infection control measures such as physical distancing and isolation meant to protect older adults living with frailty may be leading to dangerously low levels of physical activity. An older person can lose 1 – 5% of muscle strength each day if they are not physically active. Older adults with mobility restrictions need to be especially creative when trying to remain active. One of the easiest ways to stay active is to add more movement in regular activities of daily living such as, eating, bathing, personal care, and more.

The Regional Geriatric Program (RGP) of Toronto has received research funding from the Canadian Frailty Network to design a free and accessible indoor physical activity initiative for older adults with mobility restrictions called Stretch, Lift, or Tap (SLoT). Download our first Stretch, Lift, or Tap (SLoT) Tool    Track your progress using SLoT

We want your feedback! We are currently looking for older adult volunteers to test out our SLoT materials (above) and participate in a before and after confidential survey to understand how this physical activity program impacts their quality of life. We are also looking for feedback on what other tools might be useful to help encourage older adults with frailty to move more indoors. The surveys will take approximately 30 minutes of your time. Participation is voluntary and you may withdraw your participation at any time.

Participants will enter into a draw to win a $50 cash prize! Those who are especially interested in this work can also join the team and become mobility champions!

Email info@rgptoronto.ca if you are interested OR if you prefer the phone please leave a voice message at 416-480-6026. If you know anyone who might be interested in participating in this project please forward this invitation along

Medication Management Education Tool for Caregivers–Looking for Participants

Are you a family member or paid caregiver of someone with dementia? Baycrest is looking for study participants for a new medication management education tool. Participants must be located in the Greater Toronto area.

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University of Toronto–Study Participants Needed for GO-OUT Study

What is the GO-OUT study?
We are a group of students, physical therapists, and researchers from the University of Toronto. We wish to evaluate two programs to help seniors to walk outside more easily.

Who are we looking for?
We are looking for adults aged 65 years and older who are interested in walking outside for exercise during the summer.

For more information: https://mybetterliving.ca/go-out-study