Tell us your story

Many older adults and caregivers find it helpful and encouraging to hear the stories of others in their situations.

If you are an older adult living with frailty, a family member or friend caregiver to an older adult living with frailty, or working in health or social care for older adults, tell your story so that others can benefit from your insight and experience with frailty.

Write about your experiences with aging and frailty, or issues you’ve encountered and how you overcame them, or just a description of what you go through every day, or what you enjoy and what you find difficult.

How will your story be used?

Your story may be used by CFN on our website, YouTube channel, or in social media or other communications – in full or in part – so please tell us only what you feel comfortable sharing publicly. Not all stories will be used, so please do not be discouraged, it does not make your experiences any less valid.

Tell Us Your Story