Throughout this site acronyms may be used as abbreviations for organization names, titles, inter-governmental bodies and initiatives, business methodologies, etc. This page offers some definitions which you may find helpful:



AAL Active Ambient Living
AAL Active Assisted Living
ACCEPT Advance Care Planning Evaluation in Elderly Patients
ACE Acute Care for Elders
ACP Advance Care Planning
ADE Adverse Drug Event
ADL Activities of Daily Living
AGE-WELL Aging Gracefully across Environments using technology to support Wellness, Engagement and Long-Life
AIHS Alberta Innovates: Health Solutions
AKI Acute Kidney Injury
ASILA Applied Simulated and Integrated Learning Approach
AU Australia
AVR Aortic Valve Replacement


BABEL Better tArgeting, Better outcomes for frail ELderly patients


CA   Chartered Accountant
CAC   Centre for Advanced Computing
CAC   Community Care Centre
CAD-EOLD   Comfort Assessment in Dying with End-of-Life Dementia
CADTH   Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health
CAHS   Canadian Academy of Health Sciences
CAHSPR   Canadian Association for Health Services and Policy Research
CAMH   Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
cApps   communication Application
CARENET   Canadian Researchers at the End-of-Life Network
CAT   Catalyst Grant
CBC   Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
CCCA   Champlain Community Care Access Centre
CCCTG   Canadian Critical Care Trails Group
CCFP   Certification in Family Medicine
CDR   Clinical Decision Rule
CEDeComS   Connecting Emergency Departments with Community Services to         Prevent Mobility Losses in Pre-frail & frail Seniors
CEO   Chief Executive Officer
CETI   Canadian Emergency Team Intitiative
CFHI   Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement
CFIR   Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research
CFN   Canadian Frailty Network
CFS   Clinical Frailty Scale
CFU   Colony Forming Units
CGA Comprehensive Geratric Assessment
CHOICE   Choosing Healthcare Options by Involving Canada’s Elderly
CHPCA   Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association
CHU   Centre Hospitalier Universitaire
CHUM   Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal
CI   Cognitive Impairment
CI   Co-Investigator
CIHI   Canadian Institute for Health Information
CIHR   Canadian Institutes of Health Research
CIHR IA   Canadian Institutes of Health Research Institute of Aging
CIUSS   Centre Intégré Universitaire de Santé et de Services Sociaux
CJA   Canadian Journal on Aging
CLSA   Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging
CMA   Canadian Medical Association
CMAJ   Canadian Medical Association Journal
CNA   Canadian Nurses Association
CODE   Centre for Ontario Data Exploration
Co-I   Co-Investigator
CPA   Chartered Professional Accountant
CPCSSN   Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network
CPSI   Canadian Patient Safety Institute
CSNAT   Carer Support Needs Assessment Tool
CSSS VC   Centre de Santé et de Services Sociaux de la Vieille-Capitale
CSSS-CAU   Centre de Santé et de Services Sociaux – Centre Affilié Universitaire


DABIM   Diplomat American Board of Internal Medicine
DECIDE II COMMUNICATE   Decision-making about goals of care for hospitalized medical                 patients II: a Communication Intervention
DIVERT   Detection of Indicators and Vulnerabilities of Emergency Room Trips
DMP   Digital Management Platform
DSEN   Drug Safety and Effectiveness Network


EASE-BIO Elder-friendly Approaches to the Surgical Environment-using Biological Samples
ECG Electrocardiogram
ED Emergency Department
ED Executive Director
EDC Electronic Data Capture
EEG Electroencephalogram
eFI Electronic Frailty Index
EFT Essential Frailty Toolset
eHome electronic Home Monitoring to Empower
EMR Electronic Medical Record
EMS Emergency Medical Services
EN Evidence Network
EOI Expression of Interest
EOL End-of-Life


FAAN    Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing
FACT    Frailty Assessment for Care planning Tool
FCFP    Fellowship in the College of Family Physicians
FDC    Fellow of Dietitians of Canada
FE-EoL    Frail Elderly Patients nearing End-of-Life
FGI    Focus Group Interviews
FI    Frailty Index
FI-LAB    Frailty Index Derived from Laboratory Values
FOCUS    Frailty Assessments of Older Canadians Using Emergency Services
FP Frailty Phenotype
FRA    Frailty Grant
FRAMING-LTC    Frailty and Recognizing Appropriate Medications in Geriatrics and        Long-Term Care
FRCPC    Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada
FRCSC    Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada
FRS    Fellow of the Royal Society


GDP    Gross Domestic Product
GRADE    Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and              Evaluation


HC       Homecare
HP       Hip Fractures
HQP       Highly Qualified Personnel
HSPR       Health Services and Policy Research
HTIG       Health Technology Innovation Grant


IBM   International Business Machines Corporation
iCare   inform Caregivers and Robotic Effectors
ICES   Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences
ICNARC   Intensive Care National Audit & Research Centre
ICU   Intensive Care Unit
iDECIDE   Improving Decision-making about goals of care for                               hospitalized elderly patients
IFP   Interdisciplinary Fellowship Program
iGAP   improving General Practice Advance Care Planning
iKT   Integrated Knowledge Translation
IMC   Innovative Medicines Canada
INPAC   Integrated Nutrition Pathway for Acute Care
iOS   iPhone Operating System
IP   Intellectual Property
IP   Interprofessional
IQR   Interquartile Range
ISAC   International Scientific Advisory Committee
ISMP   Institute for Safe Medication Practices
ITP   Interdisciplinary Training Program


KGH        Kingston General Hospital
KM        Knowledge Mobilization
KPI        Key Performance Indicator
KR        South Korea
KS        Knowledge Synthesis
KT        Knowledge Translation
KTA        Knowledge-to-Action
KTEE        Knowledge and Translation Exchange and Exploitation


LGBT     Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender
LHIN     Local Health Integration Network
LOCUS     Level of Care Utilization System
LTC     Long-Term Care
LTCF     Long-Term Care Facility
LTRC     Long-Term Residential Care


MAR       Medication Administration Record
MCT       Mobile Communication Technology
MD       Doctor of Medicine
MDCM       Doctor of Medicine and Master of Surgery
MDS       Minimum Data Set
MERA       Medication Rationalization
mHealth       mobile Health
MHSc       Master of Health Science
MIC       Minimal Important Change
MID       Minimal Important Difference
MOHLTC       Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
MOU       Memorandum of Understanding
MPA       Medical-Psychiatry Alliance
MPH       Master of Public Health
MSc (Epid)       Master of Science in Epidemiology
MSc       Master of Science
MSH       Mount Sinai Hospital
MSI       Medical Services Incorporated
MSN       Master of Science in Nursing


NBHSRF    New Brunswick Health Services Research Foundation
NCE    Networks of Centres of Excellence
NGO    Non-Governmental Organizations
NH    Nursing Home
NICE    National Institute for Health and Care Excellence
NL    Netherlands
NSCP    Nutrition Screening & Care Pathway
NSERC    Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council
NUTRIC    Nutrition and Rehabilitation Investigators Consortium


OARS      Older Americans Resources and Services
Op-ed      Opinion-Editorial
OPTIC      Older Persons’ Transitions in Care
OPTICS      Outcome and Research Priorities in Intensive Care Studies
OT      Occupational Therapy


PCN        Primary Care Network
PCORI        Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute
PFSS        Patient Familly Support System
PHC        Primary Healthcare
PhD        Doctor of Philosophy
PHR        Patient Health Record
PI        Principal Investigator
PIED        Programme Intégré d’Équilibre Dynamique
PIM        Potentially Inappropriate Medication
PL        Project Leader
PREM        Patient/Family Reported Experience Measures
PRISMA Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses
PROM        Patient/Family Reported Outcome Measures
PROSPECT        Prevention of Severe Pneumonia and Endotracheal Colonization            Trial
PT        Physiotherapy


QA     Quality Assurance
QC     Quality Control
QELCCC     Quality End-of-Life Care Coalition of Canada
QI     Quality Indicator
QOL     Quality-of-Life
QPSS     Quality-of-Life Assessment and Practice Support System


RAI      Resident Assessment Intrument
RCSPF      Réseau canadien des soins aux personnes fragilisées
RCT      Randomized Control Trial
RD      Registered Dietitian
RDI      Réseau de l’Information
REB      Research Ethics Board
REDCap      Research Electronic Data Capture
RFP      Request for Proposal
RI      Research Imperative
RMC      Research Management Committee
RN      Registered Nurse
RRR      Relative Risk Reduction


SD Scientific Director
SD Standard Deviation
SDM       Shared Decision-Making
SENIOR       Screening Elderly Patients For Inclusion in a Weaning Trial
SHARP       Seniors Helping as Research Partners
SHRF       Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation
SIG       Strategic Impact Grant
SM       Master of Science
SOS       Serious Outcomes Surveillance
SPA       Summer Program in Aging
SPOR       Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research
SQLI       Seniors Quality Leap Initiative
SRC       Scientific Review Committee
SSA       Summer Student Award
SSHRC       Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council
SSL       Secure Sockets Layer
STOPP       Screening Tool of Older Persons’ potentially inappropriate                   Prescriptions


TBI Traumatic Brain Injury
TFI Tilburg Frailty Indicator
TG Transformative Grant
THP      Trillium Health Partners
TT      Tablet Technology
TVN      Technology Evaluation in the Elderly Network


UCLA   University of California, Los Angeles
UK   United Kingdom
UM   Utilization Management


VAP      Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia
VHA      Visiting Homemakers Association
VPN      Virtual Private Network


WBVC   Web-Based Videoconferencing
WHII   World Health Innovation Institute
WHO   World Health Organization


XNAT    eXtensible Neuroimaging Archive Toolkit


YMCA    Young Men’s Christian Association