CFN Board Members Deliver Signature Keynotes

September 15, 2017

CFN Board Members delivered signature keynote addresses at the 2017 CAHS Forum and Annual General Meeting held September 14-15 in Ottawa. Dr. Jean Gray delivered the Paul Armstrong Lecture, speaking on The Promise and Perils of Contemporary Therapeutics. The joint CAHS-University of Calgary Cy Frank Legacy Lectureship was delivered by Dr. Tom Noseworthy, Innovation in Healthcare: Lines of Sight to Policy and Practice.

Dr. Noseworthy will also present the Cy Frank Lecture in Edmonton on October 6th, and in Vancouver on October 20th. The Cy Frank Legacy Lectureship is a travelling lectureship honouring Dr. Cy Frank whose life was dedicated to allowing research to flourish and medical practice to progress. The lectureship showcases individuals whose work reflects the passion of Dr. Frank.