CFN exceeds expectations in Networks of Centres of Excellence Report Card

December 2, 2019

We are proud to announce the Government of Canada’s Networks of Centres of Excellence Monitoring Committee has recognized CFN as exceeding expectations in three of five program criteria.

CFN was evaluated on specific criteria including the excellence of the research program, networking and partnerships, development of Highly Qualified Personnel, knowledge and technology exchange and exploitation, and management of the network. After a thorough review of the network’s results, impact and outcomes the Monitoring Committee was pleased that CFN was achieving its stated goals and milestone and that the network is solution-driven and involves receptor communities and partners in a way that benefits Canada. The Committee was very impressed with CFN’s success in bringing together non-traditional partners, and noted the value of the large evidence base generated by CFN and its efforts to use that evidence to bring forth practice and policy change. CFN’s efforts to connect with stakeholders across the country was noted as of particular importance. These excellent results were possible with the support of our hard-working Board of Directors, Research Management Committee, Advisory Committees, staff and partners.

As we move forward, beyond NCE funding, we have an eye for the future and are re-evaluating our long term plans with a strategic focus. We also look forward to reconnecting with those in the federal government we had conversations with last year and reaching out to those who we have not yet met. We will continue consultations within our Network and the larger Canadian research community to plan for new opportunities that will arrive to ensure continuance of CFN’s important mission past our current funding cycle. We will continue to seek strategic partnerships to grow our Network since the need for CFN will continue to increase as Canada’s population ages.

We are optimistic that CFN will continue to have an impact going forward and that we will identify new opportunities to ensure continuance of the Network past this term.

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