CFN-NBHRF Partnership Announced

October 26, 2017

Fredericton, NB – October 26, 2017 – The Canadian Frailty Network (CFN) and the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation (NBHRF) have signed a new partnership agreement to create the CFN-NBHRF Frailty and Aging Research Engagement (FARE) initiative.

2017 10 26 NBHRF Announcement

The investment of CA$2M over the next five years will promote health research and health innovation in New Brunswick related to older adults living with frailty. New Brunswick has Canada’s highest concentration of citizens over 65, and FARE will address the needs of the most vulnerable New Brunswickers.

We are so pleased to provide financial support to this important partnership,” said Seniors and Long-term Care Minister, the Honourable Lisa Harris. “Older New Brunswickers, caregivers and all those involved in the senior-care sector will benefit from the research and innovation.”

The new fund will be used to pursue research and knowledge translation in the area of frailty, which strengthens and enhances our respective visions and missions. CFN and NBHRF already collaborate on educating and training the next generation of highly qualified personnel in New Brunswick through the CFN Summer Student Awards and CFN Interdisciplinary Fellowships.

This exciting partnership will advance new evidence and best practices to aid older adults in New Brunwick living with frailty, and all those involved in their care”, says Russell Williams, Chair of the CFN Board of Directors. “All Canadians are touched by frailty in some way and the Canadian Frailty Network is teaming up across the country with brilliant and talented people and organizations like NBHRF to make a difference. Together we will greatly improve frailty care, and all Canadians will benefit.”

The Canadian Frailty Network is starting its second five-year cycle of funding, with a clear mandate to conduct research that can guide and be applied toward improving clinical practice in our communities and in our healthcare systems“, says Dr. Bruno Battistini, President, CEO and Scientific Director of the NBHRF. “We collaborate with people like CFN Scientific Director and CEO, Dr. John Muscedere, the entire team, and Mr. Russell Williams, who are visionary people that have a clear vision regarding research and knowledge translation for better seniors’ health in which we share common interest and we are pleased to be a member of and partner with.”

About the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation: The NBHRF ( / @NBHRF) is an independent organization governed by a board of directors comprised of key stakeholders from the health research community in New Brunswick. Provincial funding is provided by the Regional Development Corporation – Total Development Fund, the Department of Health – Medical Research Fund (MRF) and the Department of Social Development – Wellness Research Fund (WRF) for NBHRF health research programs (HRP), health strategic initiatives (HRI) with federal tri-councils, national health charities and private sector, and the Strategic Investment in Health Research Innovations (SIHRI). The foundation’s mission is to provide leadership and support building health research capacity, improve the health of New Brunswickers and advance the knowledge economy.

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