Congratulations to all CFN Investigators who received Fall 2018 CIHR Project Grants!

March 14, 2019

Multiple CFN Investigators have received 2018 Project Grants for their valuable work in improving care for older adults living with frailty and/or supporting their caregivers. Read more about all the recipients here.

Susan Bronskill (Principal Investigator), Understanding the burden and health system impact of loneliness and social isolation in older adults in Canada–$325, 124

Sharon Straus (Principal Investigator), Economic impact of falls prevention interventions: We know the “value”, but what about the “value for money”?–$306,001

Fred Burge (Principal Investigator); Doris Barwich; Michelle Howard; Kathy Kortes-Miller; Kelli Stajduhar; Robin Urquhart; Mary Louise Kelley (Co-Investigators), Improving palliative care in the home and community: Building CAPACITI (Community Access to PAlliative Care via Interprofessional primary care Teams Intervention)–$1,216,350

Dawn Stacey (Principal Investigator); France Légaré (Co-Investigator), Decision coaching for people preparing to make health decisions: A systematic review using an integrated knowledge translation approach–$114,750

Kelli Stajduhar (Principal Investigator), Tackling the Home Care Challenge: A Mixed Methods Study of Publicly Funded Home Care Services in 4 Canadian Cities–$856,800

Andrea Gruneir, Carole Estabrooks (Principal Investigators); Susan Bronskill; Greta Cummings (Co-Investigators), Longitudinal Monitoring for Quality of Care at the End of Life in Nursing Homes–$512,551