Frailty and Aging: How the Danish Experience Might Inform Canada

May 10, 2020

In keeping with CFN’s mandate to learn from international partnerships, Dr. Muscedere, CFN Scientific Director and CEO mobilized a group of Canadian healthcare leaders, researchers and clinicians to visit Denmark in May 2018. Their goal was to see first-hand why Denmark is widely recognized as a world leader in providing effective healthcare and practical living support to its older citizens, and to consider how Danish approaches might be translated to the Canadian context.

The learning from this visit have been recently published in Longwoods. The paper focuses on three main challenges in the Canadian healthcare system and how best practices from Danish healthcare could help improve care and system efficiencies for Canada’s aging population in the areas of:

  • Insufficient resources for many seniors to live at home independently
  • Restricted access to long-term care and increasing complexity of residents’ care needs
  • Limited access to nutritious food

Read the full story and Longwoods publication