HSO launches public review on draft National Long-Term Care Services Standard

January 31, 2022

On January 27, Health Standards Organization (HSO) launched its public review phase for the draft National Long-Term Care Services Standard being developed by its Long-Term Care (LTC) Services Standard Technical Committee. Based on research, clinical and technical expertise, input from committee members with lived experience, and extensive public consultation, the draft standard will provide all LTC stakeholders with a unified vision and requirements that are resident-centred and focused on high-quality care. Once finalized, the National LTC Services standard will be used as part of future LTC accreditation programs across Canada.

During the current review phase, which will be open for 60 days (January 27th-March 27th, 2022), HSO is seeking feedback from Canadians on the draft standard before it is finalized and published. All feedback will be reviewed by the LTC Services Standard Technical Committee, who will consider its appropriate place in the standard. CFN encourages our network to review the standard and share it with your own networks.

Alongside the release of the draft standard, HSO also released its second report on what was learned during public consultations. Over 18,000 Canadians have already participated in the consultation process. Results of the extensive public consultations can be found in two reports:

Report #1 discusses the results of HSO’s national survey, which includes input from approximately 16,000 Canadians, while Report #2 discusses the results of a second round of consultations and town halls with approximately 2,000 Canadians.

Health Standards Organization (HSO), the organization leading the development of the standard, is a Standards Development Organization headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. Development of the standard is important work toward ensuring LTC meets the needs and priorities of residents, families, the LTC workforce, and local communities.

“When asked what the future of long-term care should look and feel like, Canadians from coast-to-coast-to-coast said that high-quality care is the outcome of providing safe, reliable and compassionate care,” says Dr. Samir Sinha, Chair of HSO’s LTC Services Standard Technical Committee.

Several CFN network members sit on the Technical Committee, including Dr. Samir Sinha (Chair of the Committee), Dr. Veronique Boscart, Dr. Carole Estabrooks, Dr. Heather Keller, Dr. Allison McGeer, Dr. Benoît Robert, and Dr. James Silvius.

Review the draft standard


More information on the public review phase can be found here.

More information about the standard and the development process can be found here.

After participating in the public review, HSO would appreciate your completion of a short survey to help it improve its future work. Access the survey here.

Information adapted from HSO media release.