Knowledge Synthesis Grants awarded

November 1, 2013

CFN is pleased to announce seven Knowledge Synthesis Grants as part of our mandate to develop multi-disciplinary and multi-sector approaches to caring for seriously ill, frail elderly patients, their families and caregivers. The awards provide funding for 36 investigators, along with numerous partners and trainees who are working together to improve care.

The seven grant recipients (en français) represent a wide range of disciplines and institutions, and have partnered with a broad group of co-investigators and knowledge users.

The 2013 grants were awarded to support work across a number of patient-centered themes, including the measurement of patient/family- reported experiences and outcomes in acute care, quality indicators for care at all system levels, use of technology to facilitate transition of care, strategies for patient/family engagement in the health system and methods for maintaining and restoring function in seriously ill, elderly patients.

Knowledge Synthesis Grants support teams of researchers and knowledge users in producing reviews that contribute to the use of synthesized evidence in decision-making and practice. Existing knowledge from literature will help guide future research priorities of the Network, and support the development of publications and tools for knowledge translation activities.

“CFN has a mandate to engage various audiences and stakeholders, including patients and families, to identify a research agenda that results in best practices for care of the seriously ill elderly,” said CFN Scientific Director Dr. John Muscedere. “Our knowledge synthesis grants are a key component of our commitment to informing health care choices for an aging population.”