Quality End-of-Life Care Coalition of Canada releases Blueprint for Action 2020-2025

March 12, 2020

As a member of the Quality End-of-Life Care Coalition of Canada (QELCCC), we are proud to announce that the QELCCC has released the Blueprint for Action 2020-2025. The Quality End-of-Life Care Coalition of Canada (QELCCC) is a group of over 35 national organizations dedicated to improving palliative care for all Canadians. The Quality End-of-Life Care Coalition of Canada (QELCCC) continues to advocate for quality hospice palliative care and access for all Canadians.

The Blueprint for Action 2020-2025 outlines four priorities of the Coalition over the next five years:

  • Increasing public awareness around hospice palliative care’s benefits, issues and areas needing improvement, including support for caregivers and those experiencing grief and bereavement.


  • Ensuring health care providers, volunteers, communities, formal and informal caregivers and others have access to education and training to ensure they possess the required competencies to provide optimal care.


  • Contributing to systematic, standardized research and data collection on hospice palliative care with special interest including formal and informal caregivers, and grief and bereavement.


  • Advocating for universally accessible and culturally safe access to hospice palliative care for under-served populations and those who provide caregiving and experience grief and bereavement.

Download the Blueprint for Action 2020-2025 at: