Reimagining Seniors’ Care: Dr. John Muscedere joins OLTCA’s Coming of Age Podcast

October 25, 2022
In early October, CFN’s Scientific Director, Dr. John Muscedere, and AGE-WELL’s Scientific Director, Dr. Alex Mihailidis, joined Donna Duncan, CEO of the Ontario Long Term Care Association (OLTCA), on the Association’s Coming of Age podcast. Drs. Muscedere and Mihailidis joined Donna as experts on aging for a discussion on reimagining seniors’ care. Episode description:
As Ontario’s population of seniors continues to grow over the coming years, we will need to reimagine the way we provide care and support. In this episode of Coming of Age, Donna sits down with two experts in aging who are helping to drive this transformation forward through their work: Dr. John Muscedere, the CEO of the Canadian Frailty Network and a professor of critical care medicine at Queen’s University, and Dr. Alex Mihailidis, the CEO of AGE-WELL and a research chair in Rehabilitation Technology at the University of Toronto and the University Health Network. Together, Donna and her guests discuss strategies for reimagining seniors’ care, including the changes we still need to make as a society to provide a better foundation of support for everyone during the aging process.”


Coming of Age is a podcast by the Ontario Long Term Care Association, hosted by its CEO, Donna Duncan. In each episode, Donna is joined by leaders, advocates, and affected families, as they dissect the notion of ageism in today’s society and reflect on how the global long-term care system can change to best support the changing expectations of future generations.