2012 Core Research Program

On April 4, 2013, the Network announced seven awards funding patient-centred research projects, under Research Program 2012-15.

The awards were part of CFN’s first cycle of research funding, selected from over 20 applications. The projects are a mix of knowledge creation and knowledge translation, involving 47 investigators and research collaborators across Canada, the United States and Northern Ireland, and involving over 20 universities, hospitals and local health authorities. The projects will also provide cross-disciplinary training and educational experiences for 17 medical professionals and scientists.

Projects Funded

For more details on any of the projects, please click on the project names below:

Talk to me: seriously ill patients’ views on physician behaviours that influence the quality of end-of-life communication (CORE 2012-03)

Principal Investigators:

John You, MD, MSc, FRCPC — McMaster University

Jessica Simon, MBChB, FRCPC — University of Calgary

Probiotics: PRevention Of Severe Pneumonia and Endotracheal Colonization Trial (PROSPECT): A Feasibility Pilot Trial (CORE 2012-14)

Principal Investigator:

Deborah Cook, MD, MSc (Epid), FRCPC, DABIM, CCM, CAHS, FRS — McMaster University

A National Comparison of Intensity of End-of-Life Care in Canada: Defining Changing Patterns, Risk Factors and Targets for Intervention (CORE 2012-12)

Principal Investigator:

Robert Fowler, MD, MSc — Sunnybrook Research Institute

A Knowledge Translation Project on Benchmark End-of Life Care Practices for the Elderly in Primary Care (CORE 2012-13)>

Principal Investigators:

Francis Lau, PhD, MBA, MSc — University of Victoria

Doris Barwich, MD — University of British Columbia

Sex differences in admission to intensive care units: the role of social support factors (CORE 2012-19)

Principal Investigators:

Allan Garland, MD, MA, BSc — University of Manitoba

Clare Ramsey, MD, MSc, FRCPSC — University of Manitoba

Practices in End of Life Care and in Discontinuing Mechanical Ventilation in Elderly Critically Ill Patients: A Nested Study within an International Observational Study (CORE 2012-11)

Principal Investigator:

Karen Burns, MD, MSc, FRCPC — St. Michael’s Hospital/University of Toronto

OPTIMAL Selection for and Timing to Start Renal Replacement in Critically Ill Older Patients with Acute Kidney Injury (OPTIMAL-AKI) (CORE 2012-15)<

Principal Investigators:

Sean Bagshaw, MD, MSc, FRCPC — University of Alberta

Ron Wald, MDCM, MPH, FRCPC — St. Michael’s Hospital/University of Toronto